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Tumblr and Twitter Tips


There are so many ways to express yourself online! We've covered how-to Pinterest, and now it's time to take a look at Twitter tips and Tumblr how-to's. ? Both are super easy ways to keep in touch with friends and make some new ones. Plus, Twitter tips will help you gain direct access to celebs, and brands. ? Using Tumblr, you can instantly create a website -- and a gorgeous one at that! ? Enjoy! Twitter

twitter how to What:? Say anything, in 140 words or less. Why:? So you can talk directly to people and brands. Want to give us an idea for a story or suggest a PopStar?? Tweet us? (@popcosmo). We have some good friends who tweet us regularly and if you follow us, you'll find some others who might have the same interests as you. Do you want to talk to? Taylor Swift? (@taylorswift13) or? Justin Bieber? (@justinbieber)? or your fave character on tv? ? Follow them and tweet them. Want to talk to Bill Gates, go for it. Want to talk to Anthropologie, just do it.? How: Type it in? less than 140 characters?

Hot Tips: (1) Interact. ? Don't be afraid to tweet a celeb or your favorite company. But, don't be a pest. Asking someone to follow you is like asking someone to be your friend. Interact with brands and people, bring them information they want, and then they'll start paying attention to you. It takes time, just be patient!

tweet Justin Bieber (2) All tweets on Twitter are public, and are archived so they will follow you forever. Write once, check it twice & be nice. (3) When you sign-up, consider your privacy. ? You are able to lock your account and accept only your friends. ? Decide if you want everyone having availability to your tweets. ? If your profile is public, create a fun name you share with your friends so they can follow you, post a picture that you like (it doesn't have to be you), and don't share private information in your profile. 200+ million can see it. 'Nuff said. (4) If you follow someone and they follow you, you can send a direct message. This means nobody else will see it, UNLESS the other person retweets it. ? So, be careful, because all messages have the potential to be public. (5) Retweets (RT) - if you like what you see, RT it. But post original tweets too or you might get unfollowed by people. (6) Hashtags can be used to state the subject (#PLL, #hungergames). Or to make a ironic statement (#obviously) or to express an opinion (#sotired). (7) Twitterchats: These are virtual conversations, with a hashtag such as #gleechat. ? Join in by putting the hashtag in the search space, but we suggest lurking at first to make sure you know what you've jumped into.? When you jump in, introduce yourself!



Tumblr Tips What:? Make your own website. Why:? So you can share pictures, share quotes, or turn it into a full-blown website.? Tumblr makes it easy to express your thoughts and feelings in a website / blog format. How:? Just go to? www.tumblr.com? and create a username. ? Most people create fun names, like "fortheloveofpink" or 'bikinisonthebeach" or "ilovesaturdays". ? You can describe yourself or your blog in a clever way, then all you have to do is search tags that you might be interested in and, voila, you can find similar blogs like yours and begin by reblogging from them and uploading your own photos. Each post shows who has reblogged it, so checking the names and then looking at their accounts is a great way to find a bunch of people to follow. Also, you can put a keyword (tag) in the search bar or click "Explore" to find topics that are trending.

Steps: -Goto www.tumblr.com -Enter your email and create a password -Create a cool log-in (see "How") - it will also be your website/ Tumblr address. -Choose a theme, try it out and change it if you don't like it. -Start posting! Check out our? Tumblr? for inspiration!

Tips: (1) Topics - you can tumble anything. You can choose a theme (funny posts, recipes, bathing suits, shoes... whatever). Or you can just tumble your favorite things in all areas! ? Most people have themes around fashion or food, but you can choose anything like seasons or or even colors! (2) Searches - you can search for items by people's tags. So be sure to use tags that you think might be of interest to you in the future (i.e., fall fashion, cute shoes...). ? Others can also find your items by searching tags. (3) Types of posts - Tumblr has 7 different types of posts — links, conversations, photos, quotes, audio clips, videos and text. The dashboard gives you the option to click and create each of these.

(4) Reblogging - is a compliment and a great way to gain followers: just click reblog on the top right of a post. (5) Customize your page - you can check out? Tumblr Themes, or just go to the Preferences section ==> Appearance to select colors, fonts, etc.

Start tumbling... that’s really all there is to it! You can have your own website in just a few minutes? :lol: ?

Have fun on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter and we hope our tips help you get started, and find some new tweet, tumble and pin tricks! ?