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No wallet? No worries!

FASHIONKim & Chloe

We are RumbaTime groupies because they have so many cool, comfortable, and affordable watches that look great stacked. ? But we were amazed when we heard about the VanDam GO, it's so much more than just a watch. When we head out to the gym, or for a run or bike ride, we grab some tunes, our wallet, and an ID (just in case). ? May as well bring a fannypack... NOT! ? So we were super-excited when we found out that the original RumbaTime VanDam watch had been updated to the 22nd century. That's no typo --the GO watch is a blast from the future disguised as an everyday fun watch.

The GO-enabled collection has the standard stopwatch, light, and alarm. But it also has an optional emergency ID number and VITA Powered contactless payment chip. Sounds complicated, but you simply swipe your watch at the checkout of a growing number of VITA Powered enabled stores and it will "read" the credit card-like chip. After buying a GO-enabled watch, you can enroll in the ID and cash service and the chip is sent to you. ? Fannypacks and overstuffed pockets are finally a thing of the past!