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Bheestie... your phone's BFF


We might not be able to fix the damage humidity does on your hair, but we can share the secret to fixing the damage humidity does on your electronics. ? Bheestie is something that everyone with a cellphone, camera, or any small electronic device needs.? Especially if you live in a humid climate. Or, if you are sometimes clumsy. Or, if you take your phone outdoors when rain is predicted.Just stick a newly wet or humidity-clouded screen phone in a Bheestie bag and wait for 24-72 hours and you won’t have to buy a new phone!? It’s the best “towel in a bag” you could every buy for your drenched phone!? You can even use it nightly to draw out the normal water that corrodes your electronics. Wish we’d had this for those times at the beach, but we are ready for the snow!

Bheestie, $20, buy at Bheestie or at REI or Restoration Hardware