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Give 'em the boot!

FASHIONKim & Chloe

We are in a fall frenzy! It’s not just the cooler weather, fall festivals, and crispness in the air, but it’s also the chance to pull out our boots and pull on fall fashion.

Fall Boots

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This fall, we love:

• low-heeled knee-high boots for everyday wear . Our favorite looks combine them with jeggings and a big sweater, or skirts and tights.

• ankle boots help us add some sophistication to an outfit, and wedge booties are great for those of us who can’t seem to master heels, but like the height. We plan on wearing these with everything since they rock with dresses, leggings, and jeans.

• snow boots. Whether they are the ever-comfortable Uggs or sturdy après-ski boots, these should be waterproof, cozy and warm enough to sled to your heart's content!

A few boot do's & dont's to make sure your favorite pair stays wearable:

DO stay tucked. ? Eliminate the dreaded “pant pucker” that comes from pants sliding out of the top of your boot, or worse, wadded up inside your boot. Bootlegz? are a simple invention dreamed up by a college student, now business owner, who was determined to solve the pant pucker dilemma. Bootlegz are a very comfortable stretchy band to wrap around your pants so they securely stay in place. The Velcro band makes it easier to get on and off than the rubberband + sock tuck we’ve been using. ? Thanks for coming to our rescue, Bootlegz!

DO store boots properly. ? You will be extending their life indefinitely. Boot trees will keep the shape of the calves so that they don’t get wrinkled or crumpled. Pink boot trees anyone? We love? this pair? in hot pink (of course).

DO wipe down your leather boots with a damp, not wet, cloth and let them dry before you wear them again.

DON'T place leather boots near a heat vent (you don’t want them to dry out).

Love your boots, care for them, and they'll stay your favorites forever! Or at least until a new style catches your eye.