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Happy Feet

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We'll be the first to tell you: we've got big feet (over size 10). We love our feet, we pamper them and they serve us well, but when we are looking ? in stores for the perfect new fall shoe, we get frustrated. ? It's hard enough to find our size, and harder still if you don't want to look like your brother. Wearing large shoes can make shoe shopping in most stores problematic since they rarely carry anything larger than a size 10.? But, size 10-1/2 and up shoe-wearers rejoice: you CAN stay stylish! ? ? Barefoot Tess, set out to solve the problem for stylish gals with larger feet who want shoes in lots of styles and lots of prices. And they have. ? Finally, somebody understands that size is just a number and that style doesn’t stop at a size 10!

Shoes & Boots, buy at? BarefootTess.com.