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Locker Essentials


Middle school and high school can be tough... especially when it comes to staying organized. To make it easier to organize your space plus personalize your locker, we share our favorite finds with you: LockerLookz and ItzyRitzy. LockerLookz will add some serious pizazz to your locker with items ranging from mirrors, to wallpaper, to chandeliers. Yep, a working chandelier for your locker! We'll show you the wallpaper, but check out all the other items at LockerLookz. ? LockerLookz, $7.99 and up, wallpaper $20.99, buy at LockerLookz

You have your locker looking good, but how do you keep it from being messy? Try Itzy Ritzy bags. They are absolutely spectacular: waterproof, leakproof, washable, food safe, eco-friendly, and adorable! ? You can put food directly in the bag... even something messy like orange slices (since they? were made for snacks) and they won't end up as a sticky mess all over your locker. ? But we thought why stop there? ItzyRitzy bags are ideal for everything: phone storage, dirty sock holders, bathing suit storage, and as an emergency kit. ? Seriously, these bags do it all while looking fab, so I'm sure we'll find even more uses for them! ? Makeup bag, anyone? Itzy Ritzy,$12.99 and up, buy at Itzy Ritzy