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Double the Denim

FASHIONKim & Chloe


One absolute staple in any closet is denim. Denim is perfect for day, night, casual, dressy... you name it! The only gripe we have about denim is that we never have enough pairs in enough colors. BleuLab is helping us solve this problem by selling an amazing reversible denim line. We were a bit skeptical about being able to wear our pants inside out, so we did what any super-curious, skeptical, jean-loving person would do -- we bought a pair and tested them.

Although BleuLab jeans seem to be a favorite of the Kardashians, we don't have the Kardashian "assets," so were hesitant to order them online. But, for the sake of research (ahem), we bought the Reversible 5 Pocket Straight in Oxide Blue.This is first time we've ordered denim online and we were amazed that they fit like a glove. They are surprisingly lightweight, stretchy, and soft.  And who wouldn't love that there is blue denim on one side of our choice and black shiny denim on the other? (Plenty of other style and color combinations are available too -- purple, grey, snakeskin....) They feel like regular jeans, but softer; and look like regular jeans, but have a 2-way zipper.  You truly get an extra pair of jeans with each pair you buy!

BleuLab put a lot of thought into making them as practical as possible and it's obvious. We will be wearing these jeans everywhere because not only do they rock in style and fit, they are ingenious, practical, and amazingly comfortable with plenty of stretch. Reversible jeans leave a lot more room in our closet, without sacrificing our need for lots of colors, for... you guessed it... more pairs of BleuLab reversible jeans!

BleuLab Denim Reversible Five Pocket Straight, from $158, buy at? Revolve Clothing