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Beliebin' in Nails

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

We love nails, we love Justin Bieber, and we love all-natural. So, it only makes sense that we would love the One Less Lonely Girl Collection by OPI that doesn’t contain any DBP or Formaledehyde. Hey, if the frogs we dissect are kept in formaldehyde, we know it can’t be good for us, so why put on our nails? This collection has been out for a while, but we aren't tired of it yet and our favorite color has to be Step 2 The Beat of My Heart, a multi-colored confection that will make him drop Selena for us as quick as a heartbeat. Well, maybe not, but it still looks pretty darn hot with the heart shaped flecks!

Justin Bieber OPI Collection, $7, buy where OPI is sold.