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Bye Bye Gossip

Chloe Gordon1 Comment

I’m currently sitting in the library procrastinating homework that I should be doing. What’s new? Nothing, that’s the answer. 

But here’s the deal. It’s productive procrastination. I’m reading some articles about being in your 20’s. I feel like I’m in this weird stage of life where I’m not really an adult, but I also am. I’m in college, but I’m living without parental supervision. It feels like this weird in-between. Sure, I have two more years left in the college bubble, but I also have TWO YEARS until I’m a full fledged adult. Weird. It’s weird. 

So anyway, as I’m procrastinating, I find this article titled “25 Uncomfortable Things You Need To Do If You Don’t Want To Regreat Your 20s.”

The whole article is a great read, but one of the points really resonated with me. It says “have something to talk about that isn’t other people, and your judgements of them.” I think everyone, not just people in their 20’s can relate to this. So often, as humans, we feel the need to gossip. To talk about people behind their backs, stretch the truth, blur lines, ask questions that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, etc. It’s dumb. Gossip is dumb. 

I’ve decided to commit to this; I no longer want to waste my time talking about people. I want to focus on positive energy. To talking about things that matter, things that make me feel smarter and more energized instead of talking about things that waste my time and make me feel heated. 

Here’s to not regretting my 20’s and talking about things that really matter.

Bye bye gossip! 

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CollegeChloe Gordon2 Comments

What comes to mind when you think “college.” 

Animal house? Drinking problems? Too much school work? Stress? The Freshman 15? Excitement? 


College is kind of weird if you think about it. You’re on your own, but also not really. You still have your parents support, you don’t really have to worry about “adult” things yet, but you still get all the freedom and independence that you craved oh so much during high school. 

I’m now about to go into my Junior year of college and as I’m writing this I’m sitting in my house thinking of all the things that made me nervous going into my freshman year of college. From what to pack, to what I would wear to class, to how the heck I would find my classes on the first day of school, to making friends, to understanding college parties and lifestyle. There were SO many new things. So many weird things that I never could have prepared for. It was a whole new world. 

I want to answer some questions about college for my past (pre college) self, from my current (almost upper class man) self. So here we go…

How do I find my classes? 
Walk around campus in the few days that you have before school. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions either. Everyone on campus was once new and in the exact same boat as you and will be more than willing to help you find your building and class room within the building. 


What do I wear to class?
Whatever your little heart desires. Whether that be a cute little dress and sandals or a big t-shirt and leggings. You do you. Just rock it confidently, that’s all that matters. 

Are parties super intimidating? 
They are what you make of them. Talk to people, don’t be shy! Don’t be afraid to say hey to that one person who sits three rows and five seats down in front of you in that random core class. They probably want someone to sit next to in class too — also who doesn’t like meeting someone at a party to end up helping each other in class. But also be aware, don’t take random drinks from random people. Don’t be dumb. I would recommend drinking at a pre-game (or in my case, in your dorm room with friends) before going to the party so you don’t even have to drink once you get there. That way you know your alcohol is safe and clean. 

Those are obviously just three little questions from a long list that I had, but I feel like the answers can be applied to a lot of things: don’t be afraid to ask for help, be confident, and be aware. 

College is the time of your life. The time to learn who you are and who you want to become. It’s fun, it’s an adventure. 

Thanks for reading! 

Getting Out Of A Rut

BEAUTYChloe Gordon1 Comment

Summer is the time where you can just relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. It’s all great, until your doing nothingness becomes a rut. You know, you wake up, watch tv, surf the internet, work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat. 

I have reached my summer rut. I find myself doing the same thing day after day not truly taking the time to appreciate the fact that it might be my last real summer of doing nothing just being at home. I need to remember to appreciate it. To know that school is literally right around the corner and I’m going to be wishing for days of nothing. 

This morning I decided to go watch some sailboats on a little island near my house. You can watch from the cutest little park and it’s so peaceful just to sit and watch the boats pass by. It almost doesn’t even feel like I’m in the same country, let alone the same town. It was a nice little escape to get out of my little rut, even if it was just tan hour of my day and a five minute drive away. Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

And speaking of small things having a big impact, my Hawaiin Tropic sunscreen definitely was worn during my little excursion. Just spending the shortest amount of time outside you’re inclined to get some sun, so I made sure to wear my Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration® which offers experiential sun protection by pampering my skin with luxurious moisturization while indulging my senses with soothing scents and exotic island botanicals. Honestly, my favorite sunscreen out there.  You can find out more information about Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration® here! 

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer and are enjoying your days filled with relaxation. 
Thanks for reading! 


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