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improving a little

Chloe Gordon

I don’t blog enough. There. I said it. It’s the sad real truth. I love writing even though I’m not that great at it, but there’s that 10,000 hours rule that says if you do something for over 10,000 hours then there’s a high chance that you’ll become good at it. And I want to become good at writing. So in order to do that, I have to write.

And here we are. Here I am…. writing.

I’m challenging myself to write at least one post everyday for the rest of time. It’s something I really want to do, and I’m pretty good at following through with things if I want to do them enough. Some of these posts might be sappy some sad some weird some boring some short some extremely long. I’m not sure, but I want to write more so I’m going to. 

For today’s post I want to share a little detail of my day. 

I had my photography class this morning and we did the first round of critiques for the first draft of our first project. A lot of firsts if you didn’t pick that up. That being said, I didn’t really know what to expect from the feedback or from other people’s projects. I was pretty confident going into the critique but I left feeling pretty defeated. My project was essentially eaten alive in the most respectful way possible. I’ll share the photos below, but what I got out of this critique today is that it’s important to be beaten up. Maybe not physically (definitely not physically), but it’s important to feel destructible, to feel like you're at the bottom, to feel eaten alive. These feelings should push you to move upwards. It’s also important to know that your bottom, your worst possible situation might not be someone else’s. In fact, your worst case scenario might be someone else’s best efforts yet. You have no where else to go but up and that’s amazing. Sure, I felt defeated after class, but I thought about people’s comments and now I’m inspired to create something better, something people will have nothing but great things to say about. And even if other people don’t like it, because they most likely won’t, I’ll have improved my work just a little. 


That little improvement is what we should all strive for in every aspect of our lives. 

So let’s all improve a little together.

Thanks for reading.

enjoying the moment

Chloe Gordon

Yesterday was my last first day of school ever. *cue the tears*

To be honest, I am feeling all the emotions which is making me not know what to feel at all. Am I sad? A little. Am I excited? A lot. Am I nervous? Yes. There’s a lot going on up in this little ‘ole brain. I think it’s especially hard because this whole school thing is all I’ve known for basically the past 20 years. The whole cycle of it all is just such a consistent thing so I’m scared for it to stop. Sure, I’m excited for what’s to come. I’m excited for my new normal. But I’m also sad that this stage of life is about to be over. I just want to savor every moment. I want to take it all in. I don’t want to miss a beat of this year, because three, four, five years from now I will be hardcore missing this stage. Is there a thing such as advance nostalgia? When you’re stuck in a moment but already have nostalgia for it? If so, I’m there. 

So, I want to make a little promise to myself to enjoy each moment of this senior year. I want to realize the lows will pass and to enjoy the highs. I want to push past my comfort zone, but also not do anything I don’t want to do. I just want to live in the present without fearing the future. I want to look back on the past but not live in it. I want to enjoy. 

Here’s to enjoying the moment.

fall 2018 trendspotting

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Let’s talk trend spotting. This whole summer I’ve been working in a retail store surrounded by high end fashion. It’s so inspiring getting to help people find styles and trends that they really love. But, let me tell you a secret, it’s even more fun getting to find these things for myself (selfish? maybe a little. fun? heck yeah). So anyways, two trends that I’ve noticed that are going to be huge this fall are wide leg pants and anything in the color mustard. I was shopping for these two items myself but I decided to share some of my favorite finds with you guys to balance out my selfish comment above.





And that's all I've got for ya now. But, I'd love to know, what trends are you loving lately? Keep me cool, share your thoughts in the comments. 

thanks for reading!