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A Degree Is Just A Piece of Paper

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I talk about this topic with my friends and family so often that I’m shocked I’ve never written a post about it: Major shamming. Not shamming in a huge way, but shaming people for being in a certain major. 

I’m a communications major. I’ve said it before, and I’ll most likely say it again. It’s the major at the top of every “What NOT to major in” list on the internet. The major that people say is useless, stupid, for people who don’t know what they want to do. 

But hey, guess what. I’m none of those things and I freakin’ love my major. I love the projects I get to work on, the collaborative nature of everything I do, the creativity I get to unleash. It’s fun, but that doesn’t mean its “dumb.” 

The classes that I take in comparison to, say, pre-med students is very different. I don’t have to take biology, chemistry, or calculus. I don’t excel in those subjects and I know my weaknesses. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t hone into my strengths. I’m not cocky, but I like to think I excel in photography, graphic design, and copy writing so those are the classes I take. Just because I’m not the best in certain classes doesn’t make me dumb. Just because my core science classes consist ofthe “philosophy of science” doesn’t make it any less “science-y” or less difficult that your “actual” science classes. 

I’m not writing this post for people to pity communications majors. In fact, I’m writing this for quite the opposite affect. I want it to be known that people should go to college to learn more about things they want to learn about. It’s the time in our lives where we can hone into skills and understand things like never before. Don’t major in something just because it “sounds smart” or “will get you a job,” because in the end a degree is just a piece of paper, it’s the passion for something that will take you far in life. 

If you’re deciding on what to major in for college I want you to close your eyes and picture your dream job. Even if it’s seems dumb or stupid think about it. Do you want to walk dogs for a living? Own a bakery? Be a free lance graphic designer? Do it. You can succeed in anything you care about because there’s one thing that you already have above others and that’s a dream and behind that dream comes passion and appreciation. 

Do what you love, I promise it’ll all work out.

Thanks for reading! 

25 Free Prints - Free Free Free

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You know those pesky advertisements that often pop up on your Instagram feed? The ones that you scroll by super fast thinking that if you don’t see it, they don’t exist? 

Well, guess what? Some of those advertisements are actually awesome. I was doing my daily (hah, more like hourly) scroll through Instagram yesterday and saw an ad for a company called Parabo Press. I had seen this advertisement two years saying “free 25 square prints,” and, while skeptical, I went ahead and ordered my free prints. Lemme tell you something, these are the highest quality prints I have ever ordered for free. So when I saw the advertisement for more free prints yesterday I got super pumped., giddy, and my blood started pumping a little faster.  

I just ordered my 25 prints and I can’t wait for them to come in the mail. They’re the perfect size to use to decorate your walls or bulletin board or fridge or whatever your little (big) heart desires.  

I promise these prints are of the highest quality, but honestly only paying $8 for shipping is worth anything, really. Well, maybe not anything, but, like, you get the point. 

GO GO GO order yours now!!! 
(and no, they aren’t paying me to say this, although they should in my not so humble opinion) 

Thanks for reading! 

Internet Round Up | 06.01.17

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The Girls. It’s literally such a great book. Everyone who sees me reading it that has read it says “omg I loved that book” or something along those lines. The way the author writes about certain details is just so beautiful and makes some mundane things about life almost seem magical in a way. 10/10 recommend. 


Riverdale on Netflix. I grew up reading Archie comics so I’m all about that Riverdale life. It’s kinda cheesy kinda amazing so it’s worth watching, obviously. I described it to my friend as a small town Gossip Girl, and I just think that’s about all you need. Watch it! 


I watched the show Big Little Lies and fell in love with the soundtrack. The song River by Leon Bridges is a must listen. It’s on the slower side but it’s just so perfect. Everyone loves the show and this song especially so give it a listen for sure. 


My mom and I went shopping today and we popped into Abercrombie. We usually get overwhelmed by the loud music and strong strong smells (grandma status) but this time the environment was, well, shop-able. I found this Flutter dress and bought it in two colors. It fits perfectly and can be dressed up or down or anywhere in between. 


A few funny tweets. Some are funny, others are funnier. Can’t go wrong with a sprinkle of humor.