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Clarisonic : Mia Fit

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One of my favorite parts of my day is showering. It takes me a lot of will power to work up the effort of actually getting into the shower, but once I’m there, I could stay for hours. It’s a little mini oasis in the day where you can just get lost in your thoughts and think about everything. 

I’m in a class called Creative Concepts this semester and, like the name suggests, it’s a class based and surrounded by thinking creatively. We have a ton of different projects that really get the creative juices flowing. For example, we had to create advertisements for Tinder, invent three new products (they could be absolutely anything), and also come up with the branding for a new beer. 

Most of the projects are done in pairs so we almost always have a partner to bounce ideas off of. I love working with other people on these projects because it allows me to get to know other people and how creativity works in a way. It’s funny though because when I ask most people when and where they get their ideas they almost always say, “the shower.” 

I don’t know if it’s just a college thing but almost all of us are more creative when we’re in the shower. It might be because this is literally the only time we have alone, but it could be something about the moldy white walls lit up by florescent lighting that really get us to be creative.

When I was sent the Clarisonic I was super excited because it meant that I could have an excuse to stay in the shower even longer than I already do. I used to have a Clarisonic Mia when I was in high school, and I loved it to death. I never had acne and I honestly think I have the Clarisonic to thank for it.  I’ve used the Mia Fit a few times and I absolutely love it. It seriously leaves my face feeling softer and cleaner than ever. I will most likely still be raving about it when I’m on my death bed — I’m that in love. 

Christmas is coming up and if you’re in need of some extra shower time or an acne free face — or both — I totally recommend putting it on your wish list! 

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Silver Linings

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about people lately. I’m not sure what it’s inspired by, if by anything at all, but it’s been on my mind a lot. I love people, learning about them, knowing what inspires them, what they’ve experienced (both the good and the bad), what their family is like, what their favorite things are, etc. 

Maybe this makes me weird. Maybe it just makes me curious, but I find it so interesting. I think what makes me most curious is the fact that not everyone is “nice.” Some people are selfish or insecure and this in turn leads to a negative cloud surrounding them. 

My friend and I were talking about negativity at dinner the other night and she said, “you know, it’s ok, the good outweighs the bad… I think.”

I think she is right. I think we are living in this amazing world with amazing people. If you look hard enough there are so many more good things than bad things. No, I’m not living in this bubble of ignorant naivety, I just think it’s important to spend more time looking for and seeing the good aspects than the maybe not so great ones. 

Sure, maybe I failed a test the other day, but I learned that I need to study harder next time. 
ure, my throat hurts a lot today, but I don’t have strep throat and the doctor that I saw was really nice. 
Sure, I really need to do my laundry and really don’t want to, but that procrastination has led me to write this post. 

I used to roll my eyes when my mom or teacher would say something about “silver linings.” I thought it was dumb and insignificant, but let me tell you, those silver linings are how you get through life. They’re how you stay optimistic. They don’t make you ignorant or naive, they make you positive and happy. 

Silver linings make the world go round. 

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Be Radiant

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Girls have it rough. Not only do we have to deal with crippling patriarchy on the daily, but we have to deal with things like makeup, stupid people, and periods too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, down with the patriarchy and up to the rise of feminism, but in the moment, periods feel much worse. 

You have to deal with the pains of PMS, the constant worrying of leaking through, and just the overall miserableness that it endures. It’s literal hell. No joke. Not kidding. 100% serious. 

But you know what I discovered that makes life so much better so that we can conquer the effects of the patriarchy? Tampax Radiant Tampons. When you find something that works you stick with it. You live by it. They’re up to 100% leak free which leads to less stress and more time for fun. 

My friends and I went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Instead of worrying the whole time I was able to live fully in the moment and enjoy time with my friends. I could wear whatever I wanted without having to worry even a little bit, ‘period or not.’ We had a great time just getting off campus and enjoying the warm weather. It was so worth the 30 minute drive. I definitely recommend hitting the pumpkin patch with your friends. It also makes for the perfect backdrop. Take my word for it. 

#WearWhatYouWant // #BeRadiant
I’m sharing #Tampax in my life as part of an Tampax sponsored series for Socialstars™ 

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