Candy Lollipops, Part 2

candy lollipops

We’re back with more lollipop ideas! We had so much fun making glitter lollipops, that we decided to get even sweeter this time around with candy lollipops. They’re easy to make (see the recipe here) and you just add in the candy you like – so we chose red hots and candy hearts for Valentine’s Day. This time around we decided to use  candy molds which gave our lollipops the perfect round shape. Our friend, and newbie blogger Christy at The Bourbon Blush {be sure and show her some love} lent us her candy molds, but you can find them here: balloon sucker molds or round sucker molds.

Have fun cooking up a sweet treat and enjoy your candy lollipops!

making candy lollipops


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  • Michelle Nahom

    How cute are these! What an adorable idea for Valentine’s Day!

  • Jen West

    These are just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  • Rachel Teichman

    These look so fun & festive. Love the clear lollipop so the candy is easy to see!