5 Things on Repeat

5 Things

Do you ever get the feeling that you just repeat yourself day in and day out? I do. Constantly. Sometimes, I feel as if I could simply record myself  and nobody would even notice I wasn’t around. I’m still not sure if Chloe  feels like she repeats herself, and by the time we get halfway through the video we’re both completely confused about we’re even doing, but at least we had fun (as usual) making 5 Things on Repeat.

Watch for yourself and see what you think. And let us know if you have any phrases on repeat that drive you (or someone else) crazy.



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  1. Oh the brushing the teeth thing was cracking me up because I have said that many times to my youngest!! And I hate having to ask!

  2. You guys do know that you are identical, right?
    Additionally, you both crack me up.
    Bet you didn’t know you had lunch with your little friend in Arkansas, did you?
    So glad I tuned in … needed a smile, and you gave me one!

  3. This is literally hysterical! You should post videos once a week you are too funny!

  4. Hahahahhaa this is great

    xoxo, Fran

  5. Awww, glad our ridiculousness could make you smile! We loved having lunch with you!!!

  6. One would think that asking daily would finally get through to him… but noooooo…. Then again, I still can’t find my keys. Or glasses.

  7. You two are so alike and humorous. It looks like fun to t create a blog together. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing!

    blue hue wonderland

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