Get clear skin (when life can’t be photoshopped)

Reality doesn’t get airbrushed and unfortunately I can’t photoshop my face to get clear skin before I go out. My skin has been acting up lately, maybe from the change in weather, school stress, or travel, so my “best face forward” sometimes has acne *gasp*, but I don’t think I’m alone. Whatever you call it: acne, spots, or zits, finding ways to get clear skin can be stressful in and of itself!

Typically, I don’t exactly go around talking about acne, but it seems everyone is always looking for a solution to get clear skin. I tend to stick to the same cleanser and have been using it for 3 years. But because my skin has had so many breakouts lately, I jumped on the chance to try Bellaboo when they offered to send us their natural skincare system. What tempted me is that although I had a cleanser, I liked that Bellaboo doesn’t have chemicals (no burn!) but is based on botanicals, and I liked that Bellaboo has a complete routine. I tried all 4 products below and guess what happened by the end of the week?

ways to get clear skin

All That Clean Skin Facial Wash - This milky white face wash not only smells amazing, but leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. It doesn’t foam when you wash, and it rinses easily. When I started using this face wash I was dealing with a bad breakout, but after three nights of using it my breakout is completely gone and my skin feels soft and smooth! I also don’t usually like scented face washes since my skin is so sensitive, but this one smells kind of like a spicy citrus fruit and it isn’t over powering and didn’t bother my skin.

Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator - I have never used a daily facial exfoliator before so I don’t have anything to compare this product to, but I have to say I love it. The unscented exfoliant consists of smaller grains you feel but they are not so abrasive that it is uncomfortable to rub on your face. I applied it with just my finger tips.

Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew - I absolutely LOVE moisturizers now. I was very hesitant to use it because I was afraid that it would leave my face greasy and oily, but I was pleasantly surprised by this ultra-light, oil free moisturizer. I noticed results, my mom and brother said I was “glowing” just a day after using this product and have used it every night since I received it. The consistency is light and airy and has a great scent that’s not too overpowering. After applying, I couldn’t even feel that it was on my face – which was awesome – even though it’s supposedly “feeding my skin with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.”

EZ Blitz Serum - I applied this serum to my acne to help it disappear. It worked!

What’s amazing is at the beginning of the week, my skin was a wreck. Seriously. My cheek was broken out and looked so bad that all I could do was using a lot of cover up. But yesterday, my mom had a photoshoot with our friends at Style Blueprint and the amazing photographer Adele Reding. When I was asked to jump in, I didn’t hesitate… because I knew my skin looked good enough that I didn’t need to be airbrushed or photoshopped.

Clear skin goes a looong way to making me feel confident and if I hadn’t tried Bellaboo, I don’t think I would have said “yes” to the photoshoot. But I’m glad I broke out of my routine, tried a new product, and found a way to get clear skin so I could say “yes”!  I’ll let you know when the new photos are up so you can see for yourselves.


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  1. Thanks for trying our products and I am thrilled that you shared the results on your awesome blog! Snezna – President, Bellaboo