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custom charms

A charm necklace is a flawless keepsake for you, a friend, or your mom. Everybody loves jewelry and Alli’s Originals are unique and girlish, but with a little bit of funkiness for fun. We saw them and thought they were amazing, but when Alli sent us our own necklace we were in awe. Each piece is hand-made and is hand-stamped with your requested choice of words, which means the necklace has a special meaning just for you. Not only are Alli’s Original charm necklaces perfect for yourself, they make amazing gifts since you can tailor the message… for friendship, hope, or health. You can celebrate a friend joining you for yoga, having a sweet 16, or engrave a graduation date or special birthday. A custom gift by Alli can make someone feel special and unique. Trust us, they are simply charming.

custom charms

customized necklaces


alli's originals

WIN A $40 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO Alli’s Originals Jewelry.

Contest open through 11:59 p.m. on 4/2, enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 4/2. Winner must respond by 4/4 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (to be used solely for this giveaway). Winner picked by random number using Random.org. and posted here, Facebook and Twitter. (Follow us and friend us… we follow back!)

To enter, tell us one word you would want Alli’s Originals to engrave on a charm of your choice. It’s that simple, and good luck our charm necklace giveaway!

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  1. My name.

  2. Ruby

  3. My sons name, McKinley

  4. Panthernoire :


  5. Girlie, which is what i call my best friend in the whole wide world!!!! She would love this to death!

  6. Michael

  7. Family

  8. Truth

  9. TRUST

  10. TRUST

  11. Family

  12. Love

  13. William and Ilex

  14. My word would be HOPE
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  15. Dream

  16. Alex Vazquez :

    To enter, tell us one word you would want Alli’s Originals to engrave on a charm of your choice

  17. Original

  18. My one word is faith

  19. Luck

  20. Inspire

  21. I would need to think about whose name to put on it…there is my husband, myself and my children…one or all hopefully. She certainly offers enough options for one name or all. Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    jglaframboise at eastlink dot ca

  22. Success

  23. Now

  24. Happy

  25. Mommy

  26. love

  27. Inspired

  28. Pray

  29. LOVE

  30. Jerry

  31. Mark Sutherland :


  32. Dreaming

  33. Happiness

  34. integrity

  35. laughter

  36. family

  37. commit

  38. peace

  39. Love

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  40. love

  41. Monique Rizzo :


  42. Love

  43. Alithea- it means truth in Greek!

  44. Angel4142011 :


  45. Happiness

  46. Rebecca Roberts :


  47. Aries

  48. My word is ‘rawr’

  49. Family.

  50. Love

  51. laughter

  52. faith

  53. Fate

  54. luck

  55. Smile

  56. Laugh

  57. Charmed

  58. Fate

  59. family

  60. love

  61. love

  62. Joanna

  63. Meiko…. ,my dogs name

  64. Blessed!

  65. Believe!

  66. @melody_vane :


  67. I shared this post on FB – Ariete would be the word

  68. I shared this post on FB – Ariete would be the word

  69. Breathe

  70. forever

  71. love

  72. Terry Young :


  73. Princesscdjc :


  74. Love

  75. Toesthattwinkle :


  76. Fate

  77. Crystal Hamilton :


  78. family

  79. “Breathe” would be the word. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. love

  81. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard :


  82. Blueisteyes :


  83. Michele Amos :


  84. I would want to engrave my kids’ names (I have one and one on the way). But I guess I only get a choice of one charm, so… FAMILY it is :)

  85. my word would be “lost”

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  86. “BranBran<3"

  87. happiness

  88. Corey Olomon :

    Faith (olomon@hotmail.com)

  89. Kitsatsivoulas :
  90. Laugh

  91. always

  92. Melanie Comello :



  94. Msjamesteagall :


    (msjamesteagall@yahoo dot com)
    Thank you,
    Jamie Anderson

  95. Monet

  96. Breathe

  97. Terry Young :


  98. I would like to have my Mom’s name Carmela

  99. laugh

  100. How about my zodiac sign – Virgo

  101. Mommy

  102. Only one word hey? How about Mommy

  103. loved

  104. Grace (It was my mother’s middle name)
    michedt at yahoo dot com

  105. Blessed

  106. Hope

  107. Fiat or Trust.

  108. dream

  109. Crystal

  110. Shar Donoho :


  111. Jessdgoodwin :


  112. Fate

  113. I would get my daughter’s name and birthday engraved on a charm. I love putting her name on stuff. :)
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  114. My daughters name Gabrielle.

  115. My kids names.

  116. Chris darcy :


  117. love

  118. Gumbinc2011 :

    so pretty :)

  119. Rainalittle :


  120. family
    Connie Gruning
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  121. Imagine

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  122. Kindness

  123. love

  124. MIndful

  125. Mizz Pratt7 4 :


  126. I want a charm that says “Unless”. I’ve never seen one. :/

  127. I would engrave Julie, my name, on one of the peace, love and karma necklaces – LOVE that line!

  128. Linda Kwolek :
  129. Family

  130. Beautiful

  131. I would want hope. Thank you

  132. Always

  133. Mimi

    sclotdebro at yahoodotcom

  134. I would want: Hope. I think. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  135. Kathy Davis :


    Kathy Davis

  136. Eternal

  137. Anastacia Grace :
  138. Lisa

  139. Lisa

  140. Faith

  141. Eternity

  142. Peaceandpaws :

    Peace :)
    peaceandpaws at yahoo dot com

  143. love

  144. Congratulations to our winner: J. Huang! Enjoy your jewelry from Alli’s Originals!!