Prom Dress Styles

It’s almost spring time and for lots of you that means prom! ? For others, there are formals, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and sweet sixteens, and we have the latest prom dress styles and trends that will have you dancing the night away with an elegant flair and sophisticated style. The variety of prom dress styles for 2012 party dresses means you can find a special look that allows you to express your individuality. ? And ? you can also learn how to choose a prom dress for your body shape… and find prom dresses under $100. we’ll be Plus more… so keep checking back! has dresses for every occasion and they are giving away? $100 in Prom Dollars to? PromGirl!? ? Just leave a comment below telling us YOUR DREAM PROM DATE. It’s that simple… and there are plenty of dresses under $100. Score! ? See below for details.

One shoulder prom dress

One shoulder dresses are always very popular. You have the look of a strapless, but without the worries. And the backs of the one shoulder dresses are to die for.
CLICK FOR MORE INFO: 1. Peacock Print Dress, $398; ? 2. Short One Shoulder, $170; ? 3. Long One Shoulder, $338

prom dress styles quinceanos
Brights are on trends for this year and there is a rainbow of colors to choose from, so pick your favorite. We are seeing all lengths from short to high-low (short in front and long in back) to long. Choosing a bright color can lend a bit of whimsy to an elegant shape.
CLICK FOR MORE INFO: 1. Short Beaded Dress, $660; ? 2. Ball Gown, $550; ? 3. Long Strapless, $500

prom trends sweet sixteen
Glass Beads are one of the most popular trends this year and they are on a variety of dresses. ? Selecting a style with glass beading is a great way to stand out and sparkle!
CLICK FOR INFO: 1.? V-neck Short Tulle Dress, $408; ? 2. Beaded Prom Gown, $378; ? 3. Strapless Dress, $278

prom styles formal dresses pageants
And for the daring, there are dresses with cutouts. This style is for the super-confident girl who wants something unique and unexpected! ? Just check with your school for any dress codes :)
CLICK FOR INFO: ? 1. ? Cutout Prom Dress, $398; ? 2. Sequin Dress, $338

Winner will receive a $100 Prom Dollars coupon to be used on,? shipping NOT included,? valid through Jan. 31, 2013. ? Contest open through 11:59pm 2/27, enter once daily per email address, winner contacted by email on 2/28. Winner must respond by 3/1 or another winner will be selected. Winner must provide a correct email address below (we only use emails to contact winners) & will be picked by random number using ?

To enter, answer this question: ? WHO IS YOUR DREAM PROM DATE? (your crush, a singer, actor….) Good luck on the Prom Dress Giveaway!

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  1. Zac Efron

  2. Taylor Lautner

  3. A male version of me.

  4. Yohoamanda_1992 :

    My dream prom date is Jesus =D

  5. Any hot guy!

  6. Its not really a dream because its my wonderful fiance:) I love you Brandon<3

  7. My husband since we missed our prom

  8. Edward from the twilight saga

  9. denny hamlin

  10. my spouse

  11. dream date: If Ashton Kutcher is busy, I’d take Ryan Gosling

  12. adam levine <3

  13. Journeysof TheZoo :

    My husband. He’s a true romantic!

  14. Journeysof TheZoo :

    Incorrect email address, sorry!

  15. My Husband mark

  16. Kimberly Drodge :

    Brendan Fraser that or Colin Firth

  17. Taylor Lautner

  18. Zac Efron

  19. My dream date is Bruce Willis.. haha:)

  20. My boyfriend!
    geminicalli at yahoo dot com

  21. Leonoragirl20000 :

    my dream date is Robert Pattinson

  22. marilyn manson… FOR REAL!

  23. Leo DiCaprio <3

  24. Margaret Imecs :

    Brad Pitt

  25. Jude Law

  26. denzel washington

  27. Alan Rickman.

  28. Edward from Twilight

  29. Vin Diesel

  30. Channing tatum!!!<3

  31. Sean Faris!!

  32. My dream Prom date is Tom Felton. I heard from a friend he is a total sweetheart. :)

  33. tawer shift

  34. George Clooney ;)

  35. Pierce Brosnon

  36. Colin Farrel is my pick!

  37. JOHN HAMM! I love him! :)

  38. Ryan Gosling

  39. denzel washington!

  40. My dream prom date wouldn’t be a certain celebrity…’d be a respectful, determined, enthusiastic, and capable young man who respects and loves me for who I am and what I believe in. And of coure he’s gotta be tall, dark, and handsome! ;)

  41. CutieCrissy101 :

    The dream prom date would be someone like my dad!someone who is loving ,responsible,kind,and respectful. Someone who knows when to have the right amount of fun without going over board!He would be the perfect gentleman and if I’m lucky enough, he would be my husband :) not saying my dad should be my prom date lol

  42. My husband or Ryan Reynolds!

  43. Vic Fuentes

  44. Usher :D

  45. cristiano ronaldo <3

  46. rob pattinson

  47. My dream prom date? Jake Gyllenhal!

    kcindyloo at gmail dot com

  48. taylor lautner

  49. Wentworth Miller

  50. My husband or the guy who plays Elliott on Law & Order SVU!

  51. My husband or the guy who plays Elliott on Law & Order SVU!

  52. My dream prom date is Matt Damon

  53. My dream prom date is Matt Damon

  54. I’d want to have fun so either Wil Ferrell or Adam Sandler

  55. Askandilltell86 :
  56. My dream prom date would be Chad Michael Murray<3!!! THANK YOU:D!!!

  57. Pierce as remington Steele

  58. My dream prom date is Keifer Sutherland

  59. My dream prom date would be my crush. :)

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  60. …..or maybe Josh Duhamel.

  61. Taylor Lautner

  62. Zac Efron

  63. Tim Tebow

  64. My dream date is my husband. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather go on a date with :)

    mlynnh5 at gmail dot com

  65. Denzel Washington

  66. handsome, cool, elegant, well spoken and debonair, Pierce Brosnan!

  67. taylor lautner

  68. rob pattinson

  69. My dream date? David Beckham…

  70. Vitalija Rimk? :

    Rolandas Rimkus :)

  71. zayn malik

  72. my husband! lol

  73. Jennifer Lewis :

    Definitely my husband ;)

  74. Whitneyleann2012 :

    Forget the famous people! My dream prom date would be the man of my dreams (aka, my boyfriend!) And he could not take his eye’s off me! <3

  75. Pierce Brosnon

  76. Denzel Washington!

  77. Wentworth Miller

  78. Christopher Meloni, who plays Elliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU. Who doesn’t want a man who’s strong, handsome, and knows how to use a gun? ;)

  79. Alex Pettyfer:)

  80. Hunter Parrish!

  81. Brittney House :

    My dear date would be dwayne “the rock” johnson.

  82. Taylor Swift

  83. Alan Rickman.

  84. My dream prom date would definitely have to be Jacob Black ;) aka Taylor Lautner. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    allishagold [at] volcano [dot] net

  85. valerie taylor mabrey :

    Tom Cruise

  86. My dream date would definitely have to be Johnny Depp!

  87. DiNozo from NCIS.

  88. Paul Walker or Jared Leto.


  89. My DREAM prom date is Colin Farrell!

  90. Peirce Brosnon

  91. Denzel Washington!

  92. Christyscomputer :

    Matthew McConaghey

  93. My dream prom date is Channing Tantum.

  94. My husband <3 but if he were busy then George Clooney :)

  95. MsAngelasFinds :

    Thanks for a great giveaway! Channing Tatum is coming to prom with me! :)
    Angela Michels
    lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

  96. My dream prom date would be Ryan Gossling! What a stud!

  97. Taylor Lautner

  98. Christian Bail :-)

  99. My dream prom date is my husband. But, I would give this $$ to my friend’s daughter…I think her ideal prom date would be someone like Daniel Radclift.

  100. Leonardo DiCaprio!

  101. My teenage daughter’s dream prom date would be Kellan Lutz!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  102. Brad Pitt

  103. My Boyfriend Joe!!

  104. My daughter’s dream prom date would be Justin Bieber.. She would just die lol…

  105. My dream prom date is Jake Gyllenhal!

  106. Johnny Depp

    Email: starseeds88 (at) yahoo dot com
    THANKS!! :)

  107. George Clooney

  108. If I could take anyone to prom, I would bring my boyfriend home from Afghanistan.

  109. bradley cooper

  110. Jake Gyllenhal

  111. Bradley Cooper for sure!

  112. All of my friends, male & female would be awesome!

  113. Christian Bale

  114. channing tatum all the way! thanks for a great giveaway!!

  115. Hmm… David Boreanaz… drool just thinking about it!

  116. Wesley Snipes

  117. My dream date is my husband!

  118. Nigel Barker from ANTM! A strait man who knows fashion….cannot go wrong there.

  119. Christine Merritt :

    Clive Owen!

  120. Justin Timberlake :-)

  121. I would have to say johnny depp!

  122. My daughters dream date would be Justin Bieber.

  123. Ryan, my brother in Afganistan.


  125. I am posting for my daughter Nicole Sims her favorite Prom date would be Brantley Gilbert a country music star.

  126. my husband Rolis

  127. my friend

  128. werewolf from twilight

  129. Ian somerhalder!

  130. I would have to say Patrick Dempsy!

  131. my boyfriend of course:)

  132. my boyfriend of course:)

  133. Fred Astaire! I know there’s one major problem with my choice but I don’t care :)

    My husband, or course. :-)

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  135. Can I say Robert Pattinson? He’s a little younger then be but this is a “Dream” date right.LOL

  136. Karenatmommysmoments :

    Brad Pitt

  137. Congratulations to A. Myers, the winner of our $100 Prom Dollars giveaway from! Enjoy… and we can’t wait to see a photo of the dress you choose!!

  138. channing tatum

  139. johnny depp


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